From the claim for the concession of public lands to young farmers to multifunctional agriculture, going through training and environmental education. (Cooperativa romana agricoltura giovani, in English “Rome’s Cooperative for young agriculture”), that has nowadays 10 members, was founded in 2011 as a simple agricultural company, became in 2013 an agricultural cooperative.
The curriculum of the cooperative is the summary of the skills of young farmers, agronomists, professional cooks, designer, architects, specialized farm workers and handymen, anthropologists, educators, sociologists. was the promoter of the ‘Vertenza per la salvaguardia dell'Agro romano – Terre pubbliche ai nuovi agricoltori’ (in English “Dispute for the safeguard of the field of Rome – public lands for new farmers) that leads to the creation of the Coordinamento Romano Accesso alla Terra (in English “Rome’s coordination for access to land), whose goal is to make uncultivated lands productive, ensuring income, agriculture production and services for citizens. Since May 2015 it has been owner of the project “Orti delle terre pubbliche” (in English “Orchards of public lands”) at Borghetto San Carlo manor in Rome. The support of Istituto Ganassini will make it possible for the citizens recipient of the spaces used as orchards to participate in an active way in every phase. From the project to the realisation, collective processes will be favoured with social and communication consequences for the urban community.