Since the foundation of the company, sustainability has been the focal point of family Ganassini because the quest for it sets in motion a virtuous course capable of exploring new pathways. It is an intellectual wealth that is made up by honesty and directness in the behaviors. Although its intangible essence, this wealth wants to produce concrete and visible results for our children’s children.
All of this takes the form of a saving beauty, a role model and a value able to improve the company’s performances. The choice to strengthen this natural heritage with the development of the project #socialresponsibility gives us a great opportunity: the one to reaffirm that Ethics and Sustainability are the basis of our corporate work.
This is the most important thing as the founder has decided since the beginning.
Sustainability forms the basis of the respect for others: first of all consumers, clients, suppliers, all the other stakeholders and the employees, the beating heart of the company. Without them, this shared beauty heritage wouldn’t exist. The vocation of Istituto Ganassini is based on sustainability, since the beginning characterized by passion of quality innovation in every operational process: from the research to the development, from the quality control to the final product offered to millions of customers and the company wants them to appreciate these with full awareness.
Scientific research, social, cultural and environmental sustainability are the four operating areas of the project #socialresponsibility since they express the spirit, the dedication and the commitment of Istituto Ganassini in creating a better future for all of us and for the next generations.
This year 4 professionals are going to represent each area: Professor Bruno Damascelli for the scientific Research, Elena Galateri, chairman of Idee Migranti Onlus, for social sustainability, Professor Andrea del Guercio from the Fine Arts Academy of Brera for the Art field and Giacomo Lepri, from the Agricultural Cooperative CO.R.AG.GIO, for the environmental sustainability.

Today the sharing of these four operational fields pushes the company further with the creation of a sustainability announcement operating in the territories of Italy to collect and celebrate the projects of Italian Onlus* that work in the fields of the scientific, environmental, artistic and social research.
For this reason we invite all the organizations that want to share their project with us, to apply on the website or to sent a short description with a photo to the email address
At the end our special panel of judges with the aid of the management and the administration of Istituto Ganassini is going to choose the worthier project that is going to receive a reward of 5.000 euros.

In conclusion, “well” and “ good”- terms used by the Ancients to indicate an essential unit of outer and inner beauty- can be used to say “#sustainable beauty”.
And #sustainablebeauty is another way of saying Istituto Ganassini.

*Onlus stands for non-profit-making organizations.