Ethics and sustainability go hand in hand as benchmarks for our company: ethical actions, in order to be excellent, have to be sustainable.
It is an intellectual wealth made up by honesty and directness in the behaviors that our company, with homogeneous and similar values, take to heart.
The choice to strengthen this natural heritage in our actions offers us a great opportunity: to reaffirm that Ethics is the basis of our work.
This is the most important thing as my grandfather has decided since the beginning.
Ethics forms the basis of the respect for others: first of all consumers, suppliers, all the other stakeholders and the employees, the beating heart of the company. Without them, this shared beauty heritage wouldn’t exist.
Our vocation is founded on ethics, since the beginning characterized by passion for quality innovation in everything we do: from the research to the development, from the quality control to the final product that we offer to millions of customers. Ethics is also the basis of social and environmental sustainability which are the White paper of the company. They express the soul of the company, the commitment and the responsibility which the collaborators and directors of Istituto Ganassini show day by day in the creation of the company’s reputation. .Sharing these principles lead us to face this sustainable path with clarity and dedication.
This path involves support to social realities concerning environmental protection, research, social and arts; facing the current challenges at a time where production and company go hand in hand with environmental protection. I encourage all of us to take part in it, to embody and pass down these principles with the love for the well-done things inherent in us. Istituto Ganassini needs everyone to set a good example, for a better world. Chief Executive

Dr. Domenico Ganassini di Camerati



The scientific Research for Innovation that has always characterized the work of Istituto Ganassini , consists in the extraordinary capability to help and support with dedication, strength, confidence and beauty four sustainable operating areas:

All of this is a balance between the current modernity’s achievements and the possibility for the future generations to have our same opportunities.