Istituto Ganassini, that has always been aware of its role against society, supports the activity of Professor Bruno Damascelli.
He, as a pioneer, developed the interventional radiology practices for low invasiveness diagnose of neoplasm in various organs and presented, for one, the stereotactic techniques of definitive surgical biopsy of breast cancer.
The intense and fruitful collaboration between Istituto Ganassini and Professor Damascelli is expression of the capability to turn beauty into prevention, support to the diagnose and funding in the fields of research and cure.

supports Isabel Gemio Foundation

Istituto Ganassini actualizes the Corporate Social Responsibility integrating its business activities with the respect and safeguard of all the stakeholders it has to deal with. Istituto Ganassini demonstrates a real commitment towards the support of activities and specific programs in the field of research and scientific development.
The choice to consolidate this natural heritage in the support of Isabel Gemio Foundation shows the will to always be at the forefront in the support of projects regarding scientific research, diagnosis, treatment of rare diseases with the aim to study these diseases.
Even though rare diseases are very different among them, they are similar for the law quantitative incidence among the population, the difficulty of a rapid and correct diagnosis and the prescription of a suitable therapy.
Despite the low incidence of the single diseases, these rare diseases represent an important health issue because they concern a relevant number of citizens and families.
In order to fulfill these evident needs the foundation seeks clear specific aims: finance and promotion of specific scientific research.s projects concerning rare diseases, training of researchers and experts with the publishing of specific studies that can be applicable in the medical treatment of these diseases, study and deepening of new ways of treatments.

On November third 2016 Istituto Ganassini wil join the forces with Isabel Gemio.s foundation and chef Paco Roncero for the organization of a charity dinner with the aim to raise money for the biomedical research of rare diseases and to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the foundation.
The charity dinner will be led by the widely renowned chef Paco Roncero, together with five well known people of the Spanish cuisine that will work together to develop a special menu: Maria Marte, Mario Sandoval, Oscar Velasco, Francesco Paniega, Oriol Balaguer. A total of 10 Michelin stars.

The event will be brightened by two exceptional musical performances: Estrella Morente and Joan Manuel Serrat.

The aim of this event is to produce tangible and important results, that through the activity of the foundation is going to give the patients the possibility to live a new life, a better life in the future.