istituto ganassini & co2

We all know that fossil energy sources are limited and, above all, that they emit carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Istituto Ganassini chose an alternative which doesn’t adversely affect the environmental balance for future generation. For this reason, the electricity used in its plants and offices comes from renewable sources, it’s traceable and 100% certified. Environmental sensitivity and sustainability values: the only way to do business.

Gardens in the company

Orti d’azienda Onlus is a non-profit organisation that carries out activities of social and environmental protection. It was founded in order to promote and create projects within collective frameworks that protect the environment, spread the culture of the short-production-chain, support the social responsibility in workplaces, by converting marginal and post-industrial areas. Istituto Ganassini joins with enthusiasm the initiative by actively involving all its employees in order to develop a participatory social cohesion that is geared to the constant development of teambuilding strategies and the success of the team work. The large terraces in the headquarter of Milan have been turned into beautiful gardens, a meeting-place for employees and corporate activities, where they can welcome guests, facilitate the integration of foreign employees and promote the work culture and proper diet.